Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Check out my Sephora VIB Sale Haul!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

I don’t usually do haul posts, but I figured I would talk about what I bought since the sale is going on for a few more days and it might inspire some of you when you’re shopping.

I actually didn’t buy very much this time, because I honestly haven’t been really excited by any of the recent new releases and I’m getting ready to move again so my money needs to go to deposits, new furniture, etc. But I couldn’t let a sale go by without getting myself anything!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Since I’m still a VIB Rouge this year, I got early access back on Tuesday and I went over after lunch, so I was able to shop before things were too picked over. Even so, the main thing I wanted, Oyster Pearl Prismatic Pearl Creme Lip Gloss from Bite Beauty was already off the shelves. Luckily they actually had it “back stage” which almost never happens. I’m really excited to try layering this over different lip colors. It’s so pretty!

Beyond that, I picked up a few utility items. The last time I went looking for the Sephora brand cotton pads they told me they weren’t carrying them anymore, so I was glad to see them back! With the Julep52 challenge I am going through them pretty fast.

I also decided to try this new Green Tea Micellar Water from the Sephora brand. Honestly it sounds like something I would drink on a hot summer day! I’ve never tried a micellar water and while I like the bi-phase eye makeup removers, sometimes when I over-use them on stubborn liner, my lids feel tender. So I figured I’d give this a try especially since I’m going to do a week of black eye liner soon.

I found the Eggspert Mini Sponges in the clearance section for only $7, and the 15% off applied to them, too! Mini sponges are another thing I’ve never used. I’m gonna experiment with using them for applying different kinds of products. Also, they’re cute.

The Konjac cleansing sponge is actually for my partner. It’s one of a handful of things I’ve turned him on to from Sephora. I really like the fact that these sponges are compostable, so they don’t have to go into the landfill when you’re done with them.


I got a free tote bag with my purchase. It’s pretty cute and feels sturdy although it has that gross chemical smell that some printed items get. I’ll have to let it air out.

And since my birthday is in the next couple of weeks, I got my Sephora birthday gift! To be honest I was not too excited about either of the options — there was a Tarte cosmetics one and a skincare one. I went for Tarte. The shades are exclusive, which is a nice touch. I’m pretty unlikely to actually use them up and want to replace them, but it will be good to finally try Tarte’s blush formula since a lot of people like it.

Your Haul?

Did you take advantage of the sale? If so, let me know what you picked up!

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