Taking a Week Off

Hello, loyal readers! I am taking a brief hiatus from the blog for this week — So no Tuesday post and no beauty blog on Friday.

I try to avoid missing blog posts because I pride myself on my two post a week schedule and how on top of it I’ve been, but special circumstances have arisen! Basically the perfect apartment fell into my lap, but I was given less than a week’s notice about it — and in the meantime I’m also entertaining my dear friend Sabien who is visiting from The Netherlands. Oh yeah, and I’m trying to prepare for Culmination in 11 days. AND I still need to do my day job to pay the rent and keep that fluffy cat in food and medicine.

So I hope you’ll forgive me this slight lapse. I always strive to plan ahead for busy times and pre-schedule posts, but this move appeared without warning and I didn’t have time to get ahead.

Come back on Tuesday, May 9th when I will resume my regular blog schedule. Also, I will still be posting on Patreon this week since my backers have paid for me to do so.

See you next week!

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