Culmination is Nigh!

Am I excited about Culmination? Just a little bit…

8 Elements Culmination

It’s finally almost here! After months of planning and practicing and studying, Culmination is just days away. I’ll leave on Friday and it starts on Saturday.

I don’t know whether I’m more excited or nervous! I can’t wait to spend a week studying and dancing, but I definitely have doubts as to whether I’m really ready. I wish I had practiced even more in these months leading up to it.

What I’m Excited For

Training training training! I haven’t dedicated an entire week to my dance since Tribal Massive in 2016, and I have missed it! Even better, this is going to be a whole week with Rachel Brice, one of my favorite teachers. I can’t wait to dance hard and geek out even harder.

In addition to that, I’ll be training alongside friends!

And in addition to that, I’ll also be staying with my former teacher Jolie who always makes me feel like she’s cheering me on — plus she has three awesome dogs and a cute kid and a great mom and a cool husband, so I’m gonna be in a good place.

What I’m Nervous About

I have to work with a group to craft a performance in one week… and present it on a big stage. Group projects are always nerve-wracking, especially when you’re questioning whether you’re good enough.

Also I’m pretty sure I have to choreograph something all by my lonesome as my homework afterwards… and I still haven’t successfully choreographed an entire song. Ever.

Who Cares, It’s Culmination!

Yes, I’m nervous, but by golly, I worked hard to get here. I drilled my Cultivation practical and took zillions of videos for the retest in order to finally pass and earn the right to continue my 8 Elements training. Whether or not I’m really ready, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go unpack from my move so I can pack for Portland!

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