Is VIB Rouge Worth It?

Have you been wondering if it’s worth spending the extra $$$ to hit VIB Rouge at Sephora?

VIB Rouge Exclusive Products

Oh hey, before we get to the meat of this post — SURPRISE! I moved Beauty Blogging for Belly Dancers to Thursdays. The same great content you’re used to, now one day early.

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about VIB Rouge, the top tier of Sephora’s rewards program. I’ve been a Rouge for about a year and a half and my goal is to NOT spend enough on makeup this year to qualify for another year. But maybe you have major beauty expenses and you’re wondering if you should consolidate your spending at Sephora to be a Rouge, too. Here’s my experience so far.

VIB Rouge — The View from the Top or Whatever

The idea is that when you’re Rouge, you’re the elite makeup shopper and you get special perks. What does this translate to?

  1. Invites to special Rouge-only events. Sometimes you can bring a friend. I did particularly enjoy the event that was a preview of upcoming product releases and involved the store opening two hours early. There was free tea, which may have colored my opinion. But the event that I received an invite to this week just involves normal business hours, free mini-makeovers (that you can get whenever), a fragrance consult, and a free clutch that doesn’t include any makeup samples.
  2. Exclusive products. Brands make some of their popular products available in special VIB Rouge Only shades. I guess that’s nice, but the shades aren’t anything special. Honestly if I’m going to have an exclusive product I’d rather it’s something that shows I’m a Rouge, like a makeup brush or cosmetics bag or compact. Oh, and you get a mini of the Goulue blush when you hit Rouge, unless they changed the reward.
  3. Free 45 minute makeovers whenever you want (with an appointment). I still haven’t taken advantage of this because honestly I just enjoy doing my own makeup. I’ll probably do it someday just to see what someone else would do with my face.
  4. First access to sales. I do like this — VIB Rouge gets first crack at Sephora’s twice-annual sale, which means you’re more likely to be able to get your hands on popular items before they sell out.
  5. Flash 2 Day shipping on all orders. You can get this for $10/year if you’re not a Rouge, but you get it for free if you are. This is a nice benefit, especially if your local Sephora is small or tends to frequently be out of stock on things.

My Opinion

If you have to buy a lot of beauty stuff anyway (like you use high-end skincare and/or hair care in addition to cosmetics), it’s probably worth buying as much as you can at Sephora to work towards Rouge. Or if you had a year where you had to buy a LOT of makeup because you just started dancing and you had to put together a whole makeup kit, and you’re close to hitting Rouge, it might be worth making that push (it’s based on your spending in the calendar year). But if you’re not even close, it’s not worth buying makeup you don’t really need just to get a few extra perks.

While We’re Here…

I actually have some thoughts on the Beauty Insider/VIB/Rouge program in general. For the past year or so I’ve been really disappointed with the rewards offered. I have over 2000 points saved up and I almost never spend them. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 500 point reward that interested me. Sephora made a big deal about how they were adding premium rewards, that range in cost from 1000 to like 25k or 50k points, but they’re offered in such limited qualities that if you blink, they’re gone. Too often, the rewards are the same old tried-and-true products that I already have! I’d really love to see them offering minis of NEW products. And definitely more color products… I have all the moisturizers, cleansers and masks I will ever need thanks to subscription boxes. How about a nice red lipstick or teal eye liner or a cute highlighter, since those are so on-trend?

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