Ultra Repair Cream

Ultra Repair Cream fixed my face!

Ultra Repair Cream

I’ve mentioned before that I usually have no problems with my skin. It’s pretty low-maintenance! I wash it and moisturize it and otherwise I don’t think about it.

Well, that was the case until I got back from my most recent trip to Tucson. I don’t know if it was the heat, or the sun, or the dry airplane air, or stress, or what, but for several days after I got back, I had one dry and slightly scaly reddish patch on one cheek. It didn’t hurt and it wasn’t itchy, but I didn’t like how it looked or felt and it was annoying me.

Enter Ultra Repair Cream

I tried some moisturizers I had around the house, but because my skin is easy-going, they were pretty light-duty and didn’t get the job done. So when I was at Sephora with a friend, I snuck over to the skincare section with the idea of dipping into a sample of some high-end face cream, you know, the really expensive stuff that I would never buy because on a normal day I wouldn’t need it.

The awesome sales lady who had been helping us saw me and asked what I was looking for, and I pointed out my weird patch and she pointed to the Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty. She said lots of her customers loved it and it was great for sensitive or irritated skin. It was also only $12. I figured if she was recommending something that was on the low end of what Sephora carries (versus that $80-90 Drunk Elephant stuff), the least I could do was buy it instead of hitting up the samples.

Sure enough, it did the trick! After a couple of days, my weird spot had cleared up. I’ve continued using it as my daily moisturizer, and my skin feels really soft and supple. I suspect it may prove to be a little too heavy in the summer, but I may still want to use it from time to time if I’ve had to do some intense scrubbing to remove serious makeup.

Is this my new favorite?

I don’t know if I like Ultra Repair Cream more than I like my old standby, Imperialis from Lush. To be sure, the tube is more portable and easier to use than a Lush tub, but I miss the orange blossom scent of Imperialis. But I definitely like it loads better than the Caudalie sample I was using before then.

Currently I’m out of Imperialis, and I’m trying to use up all the moisturizer samples I’ve received from Play! by Sephora boxes. We’ll see if any of them really stand out to me, but so far I can see myself really reaching for Ultra Repair Cream, especially in the winter or after a sunburn.

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