Metallic Lips Bonanza, Week 1!

I hope you like metallic lips as much as I do, because we’re going to talk about them all month!

Metallic Lip Bonanza

I’ve been plotting a second Metallic Lip Round-Up for months now, but I realized I was never going to have time to do one giant post. Instead, I’m going to review 2-3 a week this month. That should be easier for me to write and easier for you to read.

Metallic Lips Week 1

This week we’re going to look at two budget-friendly options, which you may even be able to find at your local drug, grocery, or Target store. These are both pretty new lines. First we’ll examine the NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte formula, then the Maybelline Color Sensations Matte Metallics.

NYX Liquid Suede

I swear, NYX Professional Makeup has approximately 50 bajillion different lip formulas. It’s hard to keep track of all of them! This one just came out a month or two ago and it’s not even their newest one. Anyway, this is a variation on the Liquid Suede matte formula. It’s a creamy liquid lipstick that applies with a doe foot and dries down to a matte metallic finish.

Color I tried: Acme, because I wanted a red metallic lip. It ends up looking like a light red or deep reddish pink on me, not a really RED red. Still pretty attractive though. I liked that it was opaque in a single coat. Like many NYX products, this one is stage-worthy.

Pros: Easy application, interesting color selection. Brand is cruelty free.

Cons: Not transfer proof.

Maybelline Color Sensational

If you prefer a traditional lipstick in a tube versus liquid lipsticks, this is a good one to check out. Despite being an old school drug store brand, Maybelline filled this line with some unusual colors. Having looked at other reviews online, not every color in this formula performs well, so you may want to research before buying.

Color I tried: Molten Bronze, a strange bronzey plummy color with a green sheen. I ended up dressing it up with two colors of glitter to make it really pop because it wasn’t metallic enough… but it’s such a cool color.

Pros: I was able to buy it at my local grocery store. Easy to apply, non-drying. Cool color options.

Cons: Not fully opaque, more of a shimmer finish than a true metallic.


Neither of these is what I would consider a “holy grail” product, though the Liquid Suede comes close and I might feel differently if I had bought a color that I would wear all the time rather than one that I bought to round out my collection.

That said, they’re both pretty nice. The Liquid Suede was a solid option for the performance I wore it for. The Maybelline one would probably look even better over a liner to give it that opacity it needs, and the green sheen makes it interesting without being so green as to be unflattering.

And of course the best part is that they’re both under $10 unless you get them someplace with a really steep mark-up. In fact, if you order them on Ulta you can use coupon MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off of a $15 purchase, which makes them even more affordable.

Note: WordPress is giving me photo upload errors, I will add more photos later.

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