Metallic Lips Bonanza, Week 2

More metallic lips!

Pigments for Metallic Lips

In this week’s Metallic Lips Bonanza, we’ll look at adding products on top of an existing lip color to give it a metal sheen. We’re going to start with a Julep lipstick in a color called Soiree. I like this shade but wow it pretty much immediately settled into my lip lines in an unflattering way.

Julep Soiree Lipstick

Will Lip Powder Give Me Metallic Lips?

A while back I picked up this metallic Lip Powder from Sephora. It’s a metallic pigment with a sponge-tip applicator that you can layer over other lip products. It came in a variety of shades and I chose “Rethink Pink” because it seemed pretty similar to that Kat Von D metallic lipstick that I love… a sort of magenta pink.

Sephora Lip Powder

This doesn’t provide a high-shine metallic color, but by applying it over a slightly darker base lip color, you give your lips more dimension and can create a shimmering duochrome effect. I wish this had a bit higher of an impact, although when I swatched it, I pressed harder and with more of the side than the tippy-tip and I feel like I got more color that way.

Another Option

“But Sophia,” I hear you saying, “Couldn’t I just get the same effect, or maybe a better one, by using any ol’ loose pigment?”

Why yes, gentle reader, you could! I decided to use the Sagra pigment from Aromaleigh, which is a brighter, more iridescent pink. Still not really metallic, I just don’t have any red or pink metallics in my collection, but it does add a lot of dimension and color.

Shiny lips

My lips have a tri-chrome effect going on new because of the wine base, and the pink and blue shift from the two powdered products layered on top. SO FANCY!


So why buy the Lip Powder? Honestly, most of us can do without it. However, it was Limited Edition at Sephora and is now only $5, so it could be worth picking up for certain people. If you’re especially clumsy and are worried about spilling loose pigment, this is a safer bet. Plus it’s easier to carry around for touch-ups. I think at the current sale price, it could also be a fun product if you have a little kid in your life who would enjoy layering pigments over lipstick in their makeup play time.

Metallic Lips Arm Swatches

Do you have any favorite lipstick/pigment combos? Share them in the comments!

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