Changing Things Up

So the simple truth is, I can’t keep writing Beauty Blogging for Belly Dancers every week. If you read last week’s post “What Goes Into a Beauty Blog” you know that each blog is a lot of work. I also touched on how I feel like I haven’t really been able to test things as thoroughly as I like. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been phoning it in for months.

There’s this big pressure, probably mostly self-imposed, for me to keep buying and trying new products, but honestly, it’s not sustainable. I have way more makeup than I can hope to use and I’m not interested in constantly buying more when I’m already pretty happy with a lot of the products I have.

Beauty Blogging for Belly Dancers is not going away! However, in an effort to create better content, rather than just churning out something to say I did it, I will only be writing TWO beauty blogs per month. My aim is to have these be more thorough, cover more products, and to be able to work on creating tutorials and other content based around permanent and semi-permanent products I own, or tutorials that you can easily duplicate with whatever makeup you like.

I will continue to post these blogs on Thursdays. On the Thursdays that I don’t do Beauty Blogs, I will post a link round-up of cool blogs and YouTube videos and articles and whatever else caught my eye.

I’ll try this new schedule for the rest of the year and see how we all feel about it and then see if I need to adjust it again in the new year.

My next Beauty Blogging for Belly Dancers will be on September 14th. Link round-ups will start on the 21st.

Thank you for your continued readership. Let me know your thoughts on this change.

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