Time to Round Up Some Links!

Link Round Up

Welcome to this week’s Link Round Up! I found some fun stuff on the internet for you this week.

What We’re Not Gonna Buuuuuuuy

Kimberly Clark is one of my favorite people on YouTube, and she recently released this compilation of the best bits from over a year of Anti-Haul videos. I there will be a new one soon to look at this year’s holiday releases, but in the meantime this one gave me some laughs and strengthened my resolve not too spend my money on makeup I don’t need.

This Week’s Makeup Find

Funny that I segue from that into this… But Sephora has the Urban Decay Moondust Palette on sale for 50% off! As mentioned in my review of this palette, this is a formula that people either love or hate. I personally really enjoy it, and I love the color selection in this palette. At less than $25 right now, it’s a great deal, either for yourself or as a gift for a glitter lover in your life. I don’t know if these “Weekly Wow” sale prices are honored in-store, too, or just on the site.

Support The Arts

This week’s featured artist that you can support is Nathaniel Johnstone! He recently joined Patreon and you can support him and get great music. Performing live with his band is definitely on my list of things I love about living in WA, and he’s just a darned nice person too, so consider throwing some dollars his way.

Learn Your Dance History

Datura Online has started a series of posts about “Belly Dance Heroes” and the first is Mish Mish. She shares her experiences dancing at Renaissance Faires and night clubs. It’s a really easy, conversational read. And you don’t even have to be a DO member to read it! Of course if you are a subscriber, they also have The Fez Documentary available. I can’t wait to watch it!

What sort of fun things have you seen on the internet this week?

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