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JamBallah NW Sunday show at the Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Ore. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Does reading my blog make you wish you could know what I think about even more subjects? Is there any way I could phrase that which doesn’t sound a little egotistical? Anyway, I’m here to let you know about a few ways you can enjoy more content from me!

First of all, Žana recently invited me to join her on the Advance Your Bellydance podcast to talk about Facebook! Our conversation ranged from what to post to have to make good use of groups. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because FB is such an important tool for promoting yourself, and I see people using it in so many ways — some brilliants, others spectacularly misguided. I hope that I can help people feel inspired to make better choices on social media.

Second, I recently started another blog! Displaced Cactus is a lifestyle blog dedicated to food, drink, local events, and more. Basically everything I enjoy that isn’t belly dance — although I will probably make a few dance-related posts there to introduce the general public to some of the dance events they could be attending in WA. Displaced Cactus currently has a sporadic update schedule, but I’m aiming to post something every weekend.

Third, I decided I still wasn’t blogging enough so I applied to be a guest blogger at Ravenous for Reads! I’ll be posting there every Wednesday, with book reviews and other reading-related content. My first post should be tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it and also check out the existing content there.

Finally, a reminder about a couple of already existing platforms where you can get more of my work — FOR A PRICE! For as little as $1/month you can support me on Patreon. Or for a one-time fee of $15 you can take my class about Social Media Presence on Belly Dance Business Academy. If you enjoy what I have to say on the Advance Your Dance podcast, you’ll like my BDBA class too, because it builds on those ideas and gives you some exercises to help you determine your social media goals and what sort of content will help you meet your goals.

Whew! I figured I might as well just get all of the shameless self promotion out of the way at once. If you have questions about any of these projects, or if you have a podcast or blog you’d like me to contribute to, don’t hesitate to ask!

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