Anatomy of a Costume: Ghostly Apparition Edition

Happy Halloween! In honor of the occasion, let’s look at what went into my costume for my October performance, in which I was a ghostly apparition.

Ghost Costume for Belly Dance

So I’ve pretty much always avoided cream and white costumes because I figured they’d look bad on me with how pale I am. But you know what? I really like it. It’s sort of an almost-nude look on me. I’ll be wearing this combination even when I’m not a ghost!

From the top down, here’s what I’ve got going on:

ANTIQUE ASSIUT! Not mine. My friend Saga loaned it to me when she heard I was doing a cream costume for Halloween. I didn’t end up wearing it for my performance, because I was going to be throwing myself around a bit (like you do when you’re an angry ghost) and I didn’t want to risk damaging it. But I couldn’t resist draping it for some photos!

Necklace. Purchased from Amorticious at Waking Persephone a couple of years ago for a different character piece. I still wear it a lot.

Cream Bra. I made this bra myself using a Victoria’s Secret bra base and the leftover lace from the overskirt I’m wearing. Of course I replaced the straps, and I added some giant Swarovski sew-on crystals, some tiny antique nailhead beads, Afghani coins and metal dangles. It may yet get more adornment down the road.

White and Gold Belt. You may remember this belt from the tutorial I shared earlier this year! I still really need to pad those medallions, I ended up with a gnarly bruise on my belly. I suffer for my art.

Hip Scarf. I bought this at the last-ever Med Fest.

Overskirt. This is from Medina Maitreya. I bought it when I visited her during my big California adventure last year. Isn’t it beautiful? She kindly provided me with some scrap of the bridal-quality lace it’s made from, which I used for the matching bra.

Underskirt. I’m wearing a Snake Church super bootie skirt in the limited edition color Mermaid Food.

Ghostly apparition

I played up the ghostliness by doing a heavy contour, no blush, and cool silver lips. If you like that lipstick it’s the Quicksilver lip tar from OCC’s Season of the Witch collection. It’s limited edition so snag it while you can!

Did you do any Halloween performances this year? What did you wear?

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