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Link Round Up

Get Ready to Get Weird

Tired of grunge makeup tutorials that basically look the same as every other makeup tutorial on YouTube but they’re wearing a flannel shirt? Yeah, me too. Don’t worry, Jolie’s bringing you genuine 90s flashbacks in this tutorial that will turn you into the creepy lovechild of Tilda Swinton and Marilyn Manson. Warning: contains some NSFW language.

Weekly Beauty Find

ColourPop has come to Sephora! Are you excited? I wish it wasn’t such a limited launch. I suspect Sephora is dipping their toes into the water of offering some lower-priced makeup. Given the fact that drugstore makeup prices seem to be climbing, it’s nice to have an option like ColourPop. The sets would make great, affordable gifts for the makeup lover in your life. But I’m not going to wait for someone to gift me, I’m buying that Bouncy Super Shock Shadow this weekend.

Support The Arts

One of the best ways to support artists is to buy their work! So this week I’m going to suggest that you check out the brand-new Kindle edition of Sara Shrapnell’s “Teaching Belly Dance.” You can check out my review to refresh yourself on why I think this book is an excellent resource. One of my complaints was that it wasn’t available in a digital edition, so I’m happy to see that has changed.

Eye Candy

Have you seen Jennifer Angus’s wall collages made out of insects? They’re stunningly gorgeous, in that macabre way that anything made out of dead things is.

What sort of cool stuff have you seen on the internet this week?

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