Statement Lips for the Holidays

I LOVE statement lips, don’t you? I even did a bold lip for a recent job interview. It was a stylish company and I knew that wearing one of my favorite lip colors would make me feel more confident.

As we enter the holiday season, there are a lot of occasions coming up where you might need that boost of confidence. Whether it’s Thanksgiving with your in-laws or schmoozing with the CEO at your office holiday party, here are a few of my favorite statement lips. To make this post extra fun, I’ve come up with some cheeky statements that each color might be making.

Statement Lips

I’m sharing this early enough that hopefully if you want to make one of these statements at Thanksgiving dinner, you have time to order online and practice the perfect makeup look to go with it.

I Love Kale So Much I’m Wearing It

I wish Bite Beauty was Vegan, because Kale would be the ultimate vegan lipstick. If you’re not vegan, but vegetarian or paleo or just really into healthy leafy greens, start a conversation by wearing Kale. It’s the perfect ice breaker before diving into your favorite Tofurkey recipes.

Kale Lipstick from Bite Beauty

To really make Kale work for you, I recommend putting a shimmering gloss or pigment at the center to add dimension, and make sure you use a flattering blush to warm up your complexion (at least if you’re as pale as I am).

Yep, I’m still a Goth. Please Pass the Potatoes.

If your family insists on calling your Gothic sensibilities “just a phase” even though you’re 35, Quicksilver may be the color for you. This elegant shimmering silver looks beautiful on its own but it would also be amazing layered over your favorite black.

Quicksilver Lip Tar

I’m not even kidding, this is my new favorite statement lip. It’s so versatile. It works for an otherworldly look, or a cyber goth thing. Want to be a robot? This is your lip color. Snow Queen? This’ll work perfectly. I’m resisting the urge to put it on right now. It would nicely match my grey narwhal sweatshirt.

This IS My Day-Time Look

Ok. Thanksgiving “dinner” starts at 2pm. That means a nice daytime look will be perfect. Let’s see… neutral eye color, just a little mascara and liner, a bit of concealer… WHOOPS! I threw on a statement lip.  Hutch is a gorgeous deep wine berry color that isn’t too far outside the realm of normal, but it’s maybe a little darker than what most people would wear day-to-day. It’s a statement lip without being a fantasy color. And ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Formula is really comfortable, though you will need to reapply often if you’re eating a big meal.

Why Yes, Purple is My Favorite Color

Ayesha from Kat Von D does double duty. You can use it to show your love of purple, or if you can’t get your hands on Quicksilver, it makes a great low-key Goth lip color. It’s another one of my favorite statement lip colors because it’s unique but it’s also really versatile and doesn’t require that you plan the rest of your makeup look and outfit around it.

I’m Still Mad About Not Being a Mermaid

For all my mermaids out there, Dark Forest is a beautiful teal green. It’s the perfect color to wear when luring sailors to their depths, or combing out your long tresses. Honestly, all of the Cream Lip Stains I’ve tried from Sephora have been great and they’ve got a few other awesome statement colors, at only $14 each. If you have to participate in these strange human holidays, you might as well look fabulous while you do.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Red

Some people just have their iconic red lip and that’s what they always wear. If this is you, choose your favorite red and rock it. Me, I love Cruella from NARS. Partially because it’s super flattering and partially because it’s got a villainous name (although, to be fair, Cruella is the worst Disney villain because she wants to kill puppies. She has none of the bad-girl charm of Ursula or Malleficent, but damn she knows how to rock the red lip).

Blood Red Lips

The great thing about a red lip is that it goes with just about anything. You can do a simple cat eye, a wild editorial look or even just a wash of nude eye shadow, and you’ll look stylish.

Glitter is a Way of Life

There are so many glitter options out there, it was hard to pick just one! Urban Decay’s Big Bang is a really low-maintenance option because the glitter is in the lipstick. You don’t have to worry about a gloss or loose glitter.

As an added bonus, the bright pink color can be making a statement of its own, such as “Girls Just Want to Have Fun(damental Rights)” or “I’d really rather be at the 80s Karaoke Party than this boring corporate event.”

Those are seven of my favorite statement lips. What’s your favorite bold lip color?

FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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2 thoughts on “Statement Lips for the Holidays

  1. My all time favorite is besame’s classic red. Iconic color, beautiful packaging, and good staying power. It’s so damn good.

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