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It’s time once again for links to some of the best stuff I found on the internet this week.

Starting off with something serious…

As belly dancers, we work with an art form that (however much we may have changed it) has its roots in the Arab and Turkish world. As such, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about issues related to the MENAT world and how the West portrays and treats Arab, Turkish, and Muslim people. This video is a short look at how such people are portrayed in media. It may come in handy for sharing with people who express anti-Arab or anti-Muslim sentiment in your life.

This week’s beauty find…

On a lighter note, Aromaleigh currently has a sale running on a variety of hand-picked items chosen for their holiday-worthy glitz and glamour. I enjoy Aromaleigh’s loose pigments. Revisit my review of the Insectarium collection to get an idea of my opinions (I’ve ordered more items since then).

Insectarium Eye Shadows

Learn something new…

Rosa Noreen is running Volume 1 and the brand-new Volume 2 of her online Ballet Skills for Belly Dancers class in January. I did (most of) Vol 1 last year, and I think I feel like repeating it and doing Vol 2 as well. She’s currently running an early bird special which has a discount AND a bonus barre class.

Now just to be clear, I do not think that you need ballet training to be a belly dancer. They are two distinct art forms. But if you enjoy the look of fusing balletic elements into your dance, as I do, then Rosa Noreen is an excellent teacher. She’s great at explaining how the ballet techniques that she’s teaching apply to belly dance concepts.

Eye Candy…

Have you heard of the Cheapside Hoard? I remember reading about it years ago, probably in a beading magazine, and I just decided to Google it to refresh my memory. Can you imagine finding a stash of 300 year old jewelry? What a treasure trove.

Your turn!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen online this week? Feel free to share your links in the comments.

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