Goals for 2018

I’m so glad 2018 is finally here. Let’s look at the year ahead.

Did I use this same vintage image last year? Probably. Do I care? NOPE! New Year Beetle Forever.

2018 Goals

I’m keeping things pretty simple for this year. I want to teach fan veils, and I want to pass the practical portion of the Culmination test (I’ve already passed the other two legs of the test).

Beyond that, I want to keep growing as an artist and enjoy myself. I want to make sure this blog is full of fun, relatable content. I’d like to see my Patreon grow. I want to take lots of workshops and attend lots of shows. I want to see and hug lots of dance friends.

Starting The Year Off Right

In order to make a good start to 2018, I’m currently participating in a couple of challenges.

The On the Go Challenge 2018 from Datura Online is helping me get back into shape after taking a few weeks off from dancing regularly. I appreciate that this one is a lot more accessible than last year’s Crazy Train challenge and leaves me more time to work on my other dance projects, too. You can still join in! As long as you finish the program by the end of this month, you’ll get a cool patch as a reward.

If you’d prefer a more cerebral challenge, check out the BDBA 2018 Challenge. Every week we’ll be exploring a different facet of dance business with Belly Dance Business Academy. The great part is you can choose any class you like on the subject, including free classes, so it can be very budget-friendly. There are also prizes for this one!

A Personal Challenge

I’m trying to lead a more enriching life in general this year. To that end, I also set a challenge for myself over on my new blog, Displaced Cactus. Read all about my Year of Exploration, and follow along to see where I end up visiting.

How Are You Starting 2018?

What does your new year look like? How are you challenging yourself? Tell me about it in the comments!

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