Julep52 Recap

Last year I decided I would wear every one of the 52 Julep nail colors I owned at the time. How did that turn out?


Looking back at my original blog post, A Year of Julep Nail Polish, you can see that my plan was to paint my nails every Monday, wear the color until at least Wednesday, document it all on Instagram, and get rid of any colors that I didn’t actually like.

It didn’t really work out that way!

I painted my nails most weeks, but not always on Monday. And sometimes I missed weeks due to being sick, or busy moving, or out of town. Some weeks I ended up wearing multiple random colors just to catch up…

Then the end of the year was just a nightmare, and I haven’t painted my nails in at least a month. As such, I think I was left with three colors that I never wore.

That said, I feel like over all this challenge was a success. I wore MOST of the nail polish colors I had. I got rid of a few that just weren’t any good, and some that weren’t good for me. The just plain bad colors went into the trash, and the “nice but not my jam” colors have been going to friends who will wear them.

I do think my nails took a bit of a beating from all the painting and removing of nail polish. I think if I ever want to paint my nails on a weekly basis again, I’ll have to make sure I get a better, gentler nail polish remover and use some sort of conditioning product between manicures. My nails have been more prone to breaking and peeling for the past 6 months or so.

One big problem is that I forgot to actually remove most of the colors I got rid of from my spreadsheet. I also haven’t been adding the new colors I added to my collection. I’ll need to sit down and do that and see where I’m at. I think I’ll still have less than 60 bottles of polish, we’ll see. I took some time off from the Julep subscription box when my budget was a little tight, and even now I only get it about every other month, and I’m as likely to get some skin care products as actual nail colors. My collection does a pretty good job of covering all the bases of my favorite colors, so a new color has to be pretty unusual to convince me to buy it.

I definitely enjoyed this. It was fun to see how some colors that I generally didn’t reach for actually looked really cool on, and how some random combinations on catch-up weeks looked surprisingly good. But now that it is over, I look forward to actually choosing what color I paint my nails, instead of leaving it up to random.org

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