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It’s time once again for fun stuff from around the internet…

Watch Some Belly Dance

My YouTube recommendations are way too full of makeup videos, so I had to go search out some belly dance for inspiration this week. I really enjoyed this dancer’s flow, and also her skirt is just gorgeous. Yum.

Beauty Find of the Week

ColourPop has released some new colorful shades of their famous Super Shock eye shadow formula. These colors are making me long for Spring. Either that or the 10 straight days of rain are making me wish for warmer days. Either way, check them out.

Start Planning for Festival Season

Did you hear the sad news that Cues & Tattoos is ending their 11 year run this year? With that in mind, it’s not too late to buy a few workshops and plan a trip to Seattle. I’d love to see you there.

Meanwhile, JamBallah NW has been announcing their 2018 instructors and WOW you’re gonna want to come to Portland in August.

Stock Up on Shinies

Silk Road Tribal is closing up shop and is currently offering a 40% discount. If you’re planning a new costume for festival season, now is the perfect time to pick up some gorgeous supplies and start sewing.

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