Fan Veil Friday: It’s a Thing

Are you ready to help me make Fan Veil Friday a thing?

Fan Veil Friday

I love fan veils, and this year one of my goals is to begin offering workshops and classes in fan veil technique. To that end, I’ve been practicing 5 days a week, really exploring what I can do with the different fans in my collection.

I thought it might be nice to share some of that exploration with the world, so I’ve decided Fan Veil Friday should be a thing. Every Friday, let’s share what we’re working on. Whether you’re a dancer posting a video snippet or a silk artist showing us your work, you can join in! Photos and video are both welcome. Share your latest photo shoot, a favorite bit from a performance, or what you’re practicing at home. It’s all good!

If you’d like to participate in Fan Veil Friday, just use #fanveilfriday on your posts. I’ll keep an eye out for awesome content to share with my followers, and if you like something that I post, you can share it too — just make sure to tag me!

By the way, did you know that Instagram added the functionality to follow a hashtag? So if you really want to make sure you don’t miss any great fan veil content, you can use that option and get a feed full of awesome inspiration every Friday.

Also, I maaaaaay start posting some full-length fan veil practice videos for my Patrons for Fan Veil Friday, so now would be a great time to consider supporting me on Patreon. Support the arts! Help me build my fan veil collection!

I can’t wait to see your great fan veil content. Let’s share and inspire each other.

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