On The Go Datura Online Challenge

I finished the On The Go program from Datura Online last week.

Datura Online's On the Go belly dance training program
On The Go Program

This was Datura Online’s New Year challenge for January 2018. I was really glad they chose On The Go, because its 25-35 minute lessons are a lot more accessible than Crazy Train. It was really easy to dedicate 3 days a week to the challenge, and then have the other days of the week for whatever else I was working on.

What I enjoyed the most about On The Go was that the short lesson length meant that I had plenty of time to also practice my fan veils and class choreo every day, and still be practicing for less than an hour most days.

Over all, though, this is not my favorite Datura Online program. I had actually started and abandoned it in the past, because there’s just not much dancing involved in this dance training. It’s almost all conditioning, through yoga, pilates, ab work and cardio. You really only get to dance when you do one of Ashley Lopez’s cardio videos once a week.

Now conditioning is important, but if you’re just doing conditioning, it starts to feel like you might as well be at the gym instead of on Datura Online! In order to feel like I was actually working on my dance skills, I’d pause the playlist before the cool down and work on my own personal dance goals.

It’s always hard as a dancer to balance conditioning, drills, choreography, improvisation, prop work, finger cymbals, and anything else you might be working on. If you do On The Go, you’ll be getting some exercise and probably maintaining your baseline dance conditioning, but you won’t get better at most of your dance skills.

As such, I don’t feel like this program should stand on its own. I absolutely recommend supplementing it with either other DO videos, or your own drills and improv exercises. Either add extra material on the days you’re doing On The Go, or make sure to put more focus on dance skills on your off days. Whatever works better for you.

Mostly, this program served to inspire me to work on integrating more of my favorite DO conditioning videos into my regular practice rotation (and unfortunately, showed me a few that I’ll avoid from now on). It was a good check-in for my body, to see how I felt after having recently pulled back from practice. I now know some areas I need to work on, and I have some good resources to do so. I can now tailor my own conditioning and dance balanced practices.

Did you participate in the On The Go challenge? If so, how do you feel about it?

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