#Lipstories Lipstick from Sephora

If you’re a sucker for cute packaging, you may want to check out the new #Lipstories lipstick from Sephora Collection.

#Lipstories Desert Trip and Ouch!

Each #Lipstories lipstick comes in a cardboard tube with an image that matches its name. In honor of my other blog Displaced Cactus, I picked up Desert Trip and Ouch! This allowed me to try the Cream and Metal finishes. They also have a matte finish which I have not tried yet.

#Lipstories Overview

#Lipstories Swatches

This line has a lot of things going for it. First, the cute packaging. Second, the price. These are only $8, at a time when drugstore lipsticks are starting to push $10. There are 40 colors, ranging from basic nudes to matte black, so there’s probably something for everyone.

I found both of these colors to be creamy, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear.

But they’re not perfect.

While cute, the cardboard and lightweight plastic packaging feels cheap. I mean, it’s the same packaging they use for their lipbalm. Of course, it IS cheap, and if this packaging means that the lipstock costs $8 instead of $10+, I’m not going to complain.

Also, I found that neither of these colors really wanted to apply to the moister inner part of my lip, causing that effect that Becka Bomb so colorfully refers to as “butthole lips.” As such, you may want to pair these with a liner or another lip color.

The tagline for #Lipstories is “This is lipstick for real life, not just for ring lights” which makes it seem like they’re trying to market it as a practical lipstick for wearing every day when you go out into the world, not just to snap a selfie for Instagram and then wipe off. The comfort of the formula is in line with this, but I feel like it could use better coverage and longevity.

Desert Trip

Desert Trip #Lipstories

Desert Trip is a bright medium purple. I found this color really flattering on me, and it wasn’t as noticeable that it wasn’t adhering to my inner lip. This is the sort of thing I reach for as an every day lip color. I wore it when I was going to brunch at a friend’s house and wanted to look like I had made an effort, but not super done-up.


#Lipstories Ouch!

Where Desert Trip is an every day color, Ouch! is definitely a statement lip. In the tube it looks like a shimmery blue-leaning green. On my lips it definitely looks more blue. It’s a great color for a mermaid or sea witch or anyone who is ready to drown the patriarchy. I want to experiment with putting a dark blue at the center of my lips and this at the edge, for a watery ombre effect. Coverage is semi-opaque.


These are not the best lipsticks on the market, but for $8 they may be a good choice for either getting a “my lips but better” nude that won’t show the “butthole lips” effect as much, or to get some cool statement colors for layering. For that matter, if you don’t have a really pouty lower lip like I do, you might not even have any trouble getting coverage on your entire lip. This is, sadly, a problem I have with a lot of lipstick formulas.

At the price, they’re also a good option for the kid or teen in your life who is ready to experiment with lipstick. I can see the packaging going over really well with a younger crowd.

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