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Fusion belly dance seems to be having a “the sky is falling!” moment. Festivals are ending, and many vendors either have closed up shop or are in the process of doing so. I’ve got a lot of opinions about the “Is tribal fusion belly dance dying?!?” conversation, but today I just wanna focus on vendors.

I know that as you watch your favorite artists go out of business, it can be easy to think that this is the end, and that even if there are any festivals left, you won’t have anything to wear because you hate sewing.

I for one am not worried. There are still a lot of great vendors out there, and now just might be their time to shine.

This isn’t even going to be an exhaustive list. This is just a few people who I’ve shopped with personally, and know and trust. There’s a lot more out there!

Snake Church by Dusty Paik

I mean how can we even worry when Dusty is still around? Half of my closet is full of Super Bootie skirts, and the mixed metal belt that I bought from her is one of my most-worn items. Check out Snake Church on Etsy for some serious eye candy.

Skirt and belt from Snake Church by Dusty Paik.

Dreaming Amelia

If you want great mix-and-match separates that travel easily, you can’t go wrong with Dreaming Amelia Designs. I love how her work is patterned, how it fits, and the fact that it is lined so those sparkly fabrics don’t make you itchy.

Skirt and top by Dreaming Amelia Designs (and see, there’s my other Snake Church belt).

Sakkara Clothing & Costume

Kim Sakkara’s work leans more towards street clothes and practice wear, but she does have a few stage-worthy pieces too, like ruffle pants and befringed belts. Her work is also great for student troupes, as it comes in a wide range of sizes.

I’m wearing a Sakkara Clothing & Costume skirt in this pic, but the fan veils are kind of stealing the show.

The Bold Oracle

I’ve been buying hair accessories from Amy for about as long as I’ve been dancing, and The Bold Oracle is still here, still going strong. I mean look at this beauty that I just got in the mail yesterday:

Hair clip by The Bold Oracle.

The Sky Is Not Falling

Believe me, I’m sad about the vendors who are closing down. I’ll miss seeing them at events and I’ll miss buying new things from them, and for the ones who I never managed to buy from, I’m sad that I missed my chance. But there are many great vendors still out there, ready for your patronage and enthusiasm. Let’s show them that we’re glad they’re still here.

Disclaimer: I currently do social media work for Sakkara and I’ve done some work for Snake Church in the past, but I was a customer long before I was an employee and I was not paid to include them in this blog post. They don’t even know it’s happening. Surprise!

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